Seaside Park


BGC Greater Saint John is the largest provider of after school programs in Canada, and the Seaside Park Elementary Location is one of our Licensed Childcare facilities. Our goals working with children and youth are grounded in care and meet the developmental needs of the children at a very important time in their lives.

Our program makes a difference in kids lives and our community by providing diverse, engaging, educational activities for every child that comes through our doors.

The weekly program is located in the school and gives our kids an amazing space to learn and be creative. It provides us with a seamless afters-school transition, playground, garden, and so much easy access to surrounding adventures the community!

Our programs will be offered in an intellectually, socially and culturally engaging environment where communication, literacy and respect for diversity is valued and supported. Seaside’s programs over the years have grown and become a wonderful way for partners in the community to get involved with and teach the cities children.

We have had our multicultural food program Common Ground to teach the children and parents about other cultures in Saint John with a universal love of foods; beginners programs for Magic The Gathering to teach social skills, problem solving, and math; and a huge favourite of the children’s our Music With Borys program where one of our staff and local musician works with the kids to learn, explore, and have fun with all kinds of instruments and aspects of music!

BGC Greater Saint John Youth Evening Program offers a safe, fun & creative environment for young people to develop essential skills for success. All BGC Greater Saint John Youth Evening Programs are 100% FREE!


two children holding up crafts they have done at the b.g.c program




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