River Valley Center


 River Valley Youth Center (RVYC)

We provide youth programs at the River Valley Community Center for middle school and high school youth in the rural community of the Grand-bay area during afterschool and evening times. 

We offer many academic support programs like tutoring and homework help along with interest-based programs like our art program where youth learn to sew and paint, Discovery Labs our science program, Book Club, and Green Thumbs where we learn about the importance of bees and how to create our own pollinator gardens.

We also support youth in building their skills and confidence through leadership programs, and mental health programs like Flex Your Head and Money Made Simple.

We continue to build on our relationships with the local community and have begun to offer programs within the local elementary and middle schools. Our partnership with the Community center has grown and we have been able to offer community events in the rink area like chocolate bar bingo and Chuck-a-Duck!

During the summer we offer a youth Leadership program where youth attend a full day camp with each week focused on specific interest areas or skill building, like first aid, entrepreneurial ship, the Olympics and more.


two children holding up crafts they have done at the b.g.c program







Join us this summer for youth summer camps like Brain Gain, Leadership, and Ball Hockey camps across the greater Saint John region!

*Summer Programs may have registration prices, please check the full registration list for individual details.


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