Pink Shirt Day

February 28th is  National Pink Shirt Day in 2024

The event originated in Nova Scotia in 2007 when two teenage boys organized their school to wear pink shirts in support of a fellow student who was bullied for wearing one.  This event has grown and is not only celebrated in Canada, but also in other countries like Japan, New Zealand and the Panama.

People all around Saint John have participated in this event with us by wearing a Pink Shirt on that day to show that you are against bullying!

They supported BGC Greater Saint John by purchasing a Pink Shirt from us.

Pink Shirt Day at the Club

The children in our After School Program learn about empathy and kindness during our #pinkshirtday activities.

Empathy is a major component of emotional intelligence, and can go a long way in preventing bullying by helping children have better relationships and see other points of view.


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