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BGC Greater Saint John Youth Evening Program offers a safe, fun & creative environment for young people to develop essential skills for success. All BGC Greater Saint John Youth Evening Programs are 100% FREE!

Due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, BGC Greater Saint John will be requiring all youth aged 12 years and older to provide proof that they have 2 COVID-19 vaccines or a medical exemption in order to use our transportation or attend any of our programming.

We are currently hosting a more scheduled version of our Evening Program. Children and Youth will be required to attend one of the activities on the schedule below in order to attend the Club. Some programs and events require pre-registration. All youth must have a general Evening Program registration form filled out in order to attend any programming as we need certain information for COVID-19 guidelines. Links to all registration forms below.

Note: If your school is closed for an operational day, you are not permitted to attend Club Programming that evening.

Transportation to and from the Club is provided from some areas of the city. Please see below for the transportation schedule.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Program Manager Jill Farrar by call or text at 506-343-0809 or by email at jill.farrar@sjclub.ca!

Program Schedule:

Special Events:

April 29, 2022 –  Chroma NB Creative Nights Event – Woodworking With Adriana at the SJ Tool Library.

Held in Partnership with BGC Greater Saint John, Chroma NB’s Youth Creative Nights are monthly arts engagement events, hosted by 2SLGBTQIA+ facilitators and held for 2SLGBTQIA+ youth and allies between 12 and 18 years old. Creative Nights aim to break down social isolation and foster a safe space where participants can make friends, learn a new skill, and creatively nurture their sense of self within a community of like-minded individuals.


This event requires registration in advance. Transportation to and from the BGC will be provided. All Events are free!!!

Program Registration Forms & Overviews:

Program Overviews:

Torch Club

Torch Club: A program for pre-teens aimed to support the development of leadership skills and self-esteem. A great precursor for Keystone.


Keystone: A leadership development program for youth to make positive change in their lives and communities. Keystone allows youth to participate in a variety of community based volunteer activities to help bolster their CV.

Youth Art Club

Youth Art Club: Creativity is a one of the 5 key pillars of learning for BGC. Through this virtual program, young people will be able to explore and express their creativity. This program promotes a strong sense of self, confidence, and artisitc abilities.

Kid Food Nation

An initiative designed to help kids develop food literacy skills through an 8-week cooking program. With the aim of promoting healthier, happier lifestyles.

Bounce Back League

Our new trauma-informed sports program aims to improve the physical and mental health of Club members by combining organized sport with the power of being part of a team. Using cutting-edge clinical and academic trauma-informed approaches, the program equips kids to better handle the ups and downs of life.

Teen Gym Time

Open gym time for youth aged 12 and older to participate in physical activity and practice skills.

Youth Gym Games

Organized games for youth aged 11 and under to enjoy physical activity and develop motor and team play skills.

Transportation Schedule:

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