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*2023/2024 year

*2022/2023 year

Late Pickup and NSF Fees

If a Parent picks up their child after 6pm, a late pickup fee will be applied to your account. A late pickup fee of $5.00 will be added for every 10 minutes the child remains at the club after 6pm.

Continuous late pickups may result in suspension of service.

Parent/Guardian will be required to pay this fee within 2 weeks to continue receiving service for childcare from BGC Greater Saint John

NSF Fee: Parent/Guardian will be responsible to cover the Clubs NSF Fee of $40.00 each time a payment is returned NSF. This fee will be added to your next payment.


Please make sure you are registered here for online access to your account. To access your account, you will need the email you provided to the BGC Greater Saint John during the registration process. You can contact Ruth Smith for your email on file.

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