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Amy Shanks

Amy Shanks

Executive Director

What is a Systemic Opportunity?

For over 120 years, BGC Greater Saint John has been a leader in reinforcing the important role BGC Clubs play in building social safety nets for all young people in the Greater Saint John area.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated and exposed serious systemic issues, from racism and other forms of discrimination to inequity and the far-reaching effects of poverty. For example, research shows that children who face racism are more likely to be victims of poverty and abuse, have more interactions with child welfare and the justice system, and experience challenges at school.

Through our 5 programming pillars, these systemic issues are combated with the systemic solutions that BGC Clubs across the country offer—equity, acceptance, support, opportunity.

Our trained staff and volunteers give them the tools to realize positive outcomes in self-expression, academics, healthy living, physical activity, mental health, leadership, and more. Since 1900, BGC has opened their doors to children, youth, and families in small and large cities and rural and Indigenous communities. If a young person needs it, our Clubs provide it.

How can you build a better community?

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