Master Builder’s Awards Ceremony

History of Master Builders

BGC Greater Saint John (formally The Boys and Girls Club of Saint John), according to the late Vernon McAdam, was the first of its kind in Canada. For many decades, through love and devotion, it has helped thousands of Saint John boys and girls to become good Canadian citizens.

Its success was only made possible by the Rotary Club who provided a debpt-free building and dedicated people who gave of their cost-free time, talent and money in order to create continuous miracles.

Fearing that the knowledge of these people and their unselfish deeds would become unknown to new generations, the Officers and Board of Directors on April 17, 1985, created the Order of The Master Builders of The Boys and Girls Club of Saint John, Inc which would record their names and worthwhile contributions.

It was also decided that, from time to time, a picture and short biographical sketch of each to be placed on this table.

On April 24th, 2023 we happily remembered two of these MASTER BUILDERS.


CLOW Canada has contributed to the success of BGC of Greater Saint John in many ways and it is with great pride and appreciation that we induct CLOW Canada into the “Order of the Master Builders” with BGC of Greater Saint John for 2022.

We hope to continue working with them for many years and were very happy to have several of their members in attendance at the awards ceremony.

Debbie Cooper is a very proud product of the Boys and Girls Club of Saint John. She entered the doors in 1960 and had 46 years of involvement as a member, a volunteer and 38 years as staff.  

Debbie was instrumental in the establishment of several bursaries and scholarships. She valued the importance of ensuring youth had the same opportunity for post-secondary education.

It was wonderful having her back in the club for the ceremony.


Our Master Builders Awards Ceremony was held on April 24th, 2023 and gave us here at the Saint John BGC the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the people who have made substantial and lasting impacts on our club and community.

The event was held in pair with our Annual General Meeting, where all of our guests were invited to attend the board meeting to get a look at the inner workings of the charity.

The club offered guests coffee and tea, as well as cheesecake for a snack during the meeting and ceremony. Our program agendas for each guest included a write-up for the event, a list of past honorees, a donation link to our night’s partner The Downie Wenjack & Fund, and a link to our annual report for 2022.

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