Survival Camp

The goal of Survival Camp is to reconnect elementary aged children with nature. We want to teach them how to play outside and give them the tools to discover things on their own and guidance to keep them safe as they do it.

KV Survival Camp 2023

BGC Greater Saint John has partnered with the Hammond River Survival Camp to offer the same great camp at a different location!

In a survival setting, effective teamwork is essential. That’s why we split our campers into teams at the beginning of the week! Not only is it practical, but fun too. Teams compete for points throughout the week, and there is a final challenge each Friday to determine the ultimate survival team!

Cost Information

K-5 camp cost:$175 per camper.

Middle School Camp: $130

CIT: $100


For more information on Survival Camp, visit the website.


The campers will make shelters with their team throughout the week learning where to build the shelter, what materials to use and how to keep the shelter safe in all kinds of weather


We teach campers about finding food in the wilderness and safety precautionary measures such as staying away from which plants.


Campers learn how to shoot arrows using a bow with exciting prices to be won on shooting at different targets.


The campers learn all about making fire in adverse situations and all about fire safety.


Campers learn how to find water when they are lost, which water is safe for drinking, and how to filter it.

Location..Coming Soon!


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