Gold Rush

How to Play

Sign up and receive a PERMENENT number at any green box location.

  1. Pay $2 to play your number each week.
  2. Place a green label with your number on a toonie and drop it in one of our Green Box Locations.
  3. Pre-pay your number online or in person so you’re always #init2winit.

You can pre-pay over the phone at 506-634-2011, through Interact Email Transfer to, or in person at the main office (1 Paul Harris St.). If paying by E-Transfer make sure to include your Gold Rush number(s) and name in the memo section.

The draw takes place every Friday at noon! Listen to the draw live on-air on Oldies 96.1 FM!!!!

Deadline to play: 

9:00 am Thursday at the green boxes.

10:00 am Fridays at the BCG Greater Saint John office and online – 1 Paul Harris Street.

Any questions, please call The BCG Greater Saint John at. 506-634-2011

Can’t remember your number? Contact at or call 506-634-2011

Thanks for your support of The BGC Greater Saint John GOLD RUSH Lotto!

Gold Rush Q & A

Q:   How do I get a Gold Rush number?
 A:   You can sign up here on the website, email, or call the office at 506-634-2011 ext. 1, to join you must pay a minimum of $10.00 for each new number registered.

Q:   How do I play Gold Rush?
A:  You can play in person every week, or pre-pay your number!

Green Box Location: Go to any Gold Rush Green Box location; take a green DOT label off the side of the box; write your number on the green dot. Put the dot on the toonie. Drop the toonie in the box.

Pre-pay your Gold Rush number(s) so you’re always #InIt2WinIt.

You can pre-pay over the phone at 506-634-2011, through Interact Email Transfer to, or in person at the main office (1 Paul Harris St). If paying by E-Transfer make sure to include your Gold Rush number(s) and name in the memo section.

Q:   Can I put the Gold Rush ticket in my child’s name?
A:    No –  Lottery Licence requirement is for all players to be 19 years or older.

Q:   When is the draw?
A:   The draw is every Friday at noon. Play by 9 am on Thursday at the Green Boxes or by 10 am Friday at the Club. Draw results are announced on Oldies 96.1 and posted on the website once the winner has claimed their prize.

Q:   Is the draw done from just the toonies?
A:   No. The draw is from all the numbers in the system.

Q:   How long is my number in the draw?
A:   Until you cancel the number or if you haven’t played in 12 months.

Your number is still in the draw even if it’s not paid up or “in play” If an unpaid number is the winner that person does not get the prize money, and the draw prize becomes a rollover for the next week.

Q:   What is “roll-over”?
A:    If a player did not play their toonie or pay their number that week and it is drawn, the unpaid number does not get the winnings. The prize rolls over to the next draw.

Q:   Can I play more than one number?
A:   Yes, you can have as many numbers as you’d like. Remember that a number needs to be played every week to win and is $2 a week each.

Q:   How can I pay in advance so I won’t forget to play?
A:    You can pre-pay a few ways, just let the clerk know how many weeks or how much money you would like to put on your number.

You can come into the Boys & Girls Club (BGC) at 1 Paul Harris Street to pay in person, you can pay online by sending an E-Transfer to (please include name and numbers in the memo section), or you can pre-pay by phone (506-634-2011) with your Credit Card.

Q:  How much can I pre-pay?
A:  You can pre-pay in any amount you wish, remember it’s $2 a week per number.

Example:  $8, $10, $20, $52 (6 Months) or $104 (Full year)

We just ask that you pre-pay at the Boys & Girls Club (BGC) office rather than leaving large amounts of money in a green box that only gets collected once a week.

To Pre-pay please do not leave large amounts of money in any Green Box Location.

Box Locations
The bright green box is conveniently located at the following locations:


Scholten’s – 511 Somerset Street


Shell Station – 112 Main Street West


Giant Tiger – 100 Prince Edward Street

The Boys & Girls Club – 1 Paul Harris Street


Scholten’s – 835 Lochlomand rd


Airport General Store – 4105 Loch Lomond Road


Shim’s Convenience – 174 Hampton Road

Rules and Regulations
  • You Must be 19 to play.
  • The draw takes place on Fridays at noon (weather and holiday exceptions apply).
  • You can join GOLD RUSH anytime. To join you must pay a minimum of $10.00 for each new number registered.
  • Only play one toonie per number, per week, at any of the GOLD RUSH box locations. Locations are listed on our website at
  • You can play more than one number. For each number played a separate registration will need to be completed.
  • Place a toonie in the box for each number you play.
  • Please write your number exactly as shown. Due to numbers that are hard to identify such as 6 or 9 please underline.
  • The winning name, number, and prize amount will be shown on the BGC Greater Saint John website after the winner has produced a valid ID and received the prize money.
  • Last 6 months winners will be on the website.
  • Winners will be contacted by phone, and/or email.
  • All toonies from the GOLD RUSH boxes will be collected every Thursday between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM. This time is subject to change to accommodate holidays (i.e., Christmas) and weather.
      • A notice will be placed on the box stating that pickup was done.
  • A picture ID is required to collect your winnings.
  • If your number is drawn and you did not play that week, your half of the winning proceeds will be added to the following week’s draw. Only the number, not the name of the loser will be posted.
  • BGC staff, volunteers, board members, and their family members are allowed to participate in the draw.
  • You can Pre-Pay for multiple weeks: i.e 6 months $52 (26 draws) or 1 Year $104 (52 draws).
  • No Refunds
  • If your Gold Rush number is drawn and you have played that week, you win HALF the Weekly Total Gold Rush pot.
      • Rollover: If the winning number of a Gold Rush draw belongs to an entrant who has not paid his/her weekly $2.00, the amount will be added to the next weekly draw Payments cut off at 10am at the Club on Friday
  • In a rare occurrence days/times might change due to a holiday. Players will be notified of these changes in advance by email and the draw date information on the top of the box will indicate the changes.
  • When paying electronically a minimum of $10 per Gold Rush number is required.
  • Players must be residents of New Brunswick. If they move outside of the Province of New Brunswick, their Gold Rush Membership will be forfeited at that time. Please contact the Club if your address has changed even within the province, as we need to have your current mailing address on file at all times.
  • It is the responsibility of the Gold Rush Member to regularly check the Gold Rush website for up-to-date Rules of Play.
  • If a Gold Rush Number has not been played for 52 consecutive weeks, the number will be considered inactive and will be reassigned to a new player.


    If you no longer wish to play please contact or 506-634-2011 ext.1 and you will be removed from the registration. Once your registration is cancelled your number may be reissued to another player.

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