You Can Help Build a Better Community

BGC Greater Saint John is a registered charity/non-profit that provides over 2,100 children and youth in 5 at-risk neighbourhoods across the city with a safe space during the most vulnerable hours of the day, and FREE access to life-changing programs in five key programming pillars that are purposefully designed to drive personal development:

Why support the BGC Greater Saint John:

  • Your support stays local and supports those who are most in need
  • BGC Greater Saint John has the greatest reach and impact on children and youth in the city. Annually, our organization sees over 2,100 young people & this number continues to grow.
  • 38.4% (over $650,000) of the Club’s annual revenue currently comes from individual and corporate donors. As the demand for Club resources in our community continues to grow, and public sector funding is cut back and minimum wages increase, the need for private funding is greater than ever.
  • Just 15% of funds raised goes to cover administration costs. This means 85% goes directly to program delivery.

Barrier-Free Access

BGC Greater Saint John invests in the Saint John community by elevating tomorrow’s generation. BGC Greater Saint John is the only afterschool youth services organization providing barrier-free access to:
  • Safe, open and readily accessible facilities in seven vulnerable locations across the city plus a summer camp
  • A multitude of quality development programs designed to empower youth to reach their full potential and give them confidence and skills for life
  • Inclusivity and openness to all regardless of race, religion, social or economic status
  • Structured programs tailored to support working families and the community’s needs
  • Regularly available, structured, supervised group environments
  • Passionate and highly skilled staff
  • Carefully screened and devoted volunteers

How You Can Help Build a Better Community

You can help thousands of our city’s at-risk children and youth reach their full potential by supporting any one of our Annual Giving Campaigns to support the programming pillars. Your gift will make a significant impact in serving the needs of our community.

We could not do what we do without donor support, thank you!

Donate to BGC Greater Saint John

There are many ways you can donate to the Boys & Girls Club of Saint John.

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Annual Giving Campaigns:

The 100 Club Campaign

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The Clubhouse

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Feel the Rush with GOLD RUSH

Gold Rush

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The Gift of Time


Learn something about yourself… meet new people… share your skills and enthusiasm for life. Yes, we are talking to you! Be a difference-maker and share your passion and caring. It feels so good to be part of something special.

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Join Our Team

There’s a reason why the Boys & Girls Club is a good place to be! it’s our fabulous staff.


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Your Donation Makes a Difference!

You can see how your donations can help our youth by clicking the buttons below.
Here are just a few ways your donation makes an impact.

$25 Donation Graphic

$25 - Youth Programs

Your generous donation of $25 can help cover registration for our Youth Program.

$80 Donation Graphic

$80 - A Hot Lunch

Your kind gesture of a $80 donation can help cover one child's Hot Lunch for 1 month.

$120 Donation Graphic

$120 - Camp Programs

Your investment of $120 can help send a child to Camp for a week.

Other Donation Methods

Donate in Person or Mail

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Saint John, NB  E2L 3V9

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